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Attention Halving

The article explores the concept of "Attention Halving," highlighting the acceleration of storytelling and media consumption, from the slow pace of ancient tales to the rapid, fragmented narratives of today. It emphasizes the need for slow media and immersive storytelling in a world dominated by quick, attention-grabbing content. The author reflects on the balance between the speed of progress and the depth of narratives, expressing a desire for a media landscape that allows for lingering and savoring stories. Additionally, it touches on the intersection of technology, attention addiction, and the evolving nature of storytelling. The post concludes with a call to find a balance between the rapid consumption of media and the depth of narratives.

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Brandy Sousa

It’s definitely a different beast now making content online, people are less forgiving than they were 10 years ago, and they expect captivating content off the bat.

People with existing audience rapport should definitely continue to leverage their base as much as possible to springboard them into “higher visibility”