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For Gen Z, anime is bigger entertainment than the NFL


  • A report commissioned by Polygon suggests that anime may be as culturally significant and widely viewed as the NFL for a certain generation, particularly Gen Z.
  • The study surveyed 4,275 Americans aged 18 and up, revealing that 42% of Gen Z respondents watch anime weekly, while only 25% follow the NFL within the same demographic.
  • The rise of anime interest, drawing viewers away from the NFL, raises questions about the impact on the ongoing "streaming wars," with insights into the significant demographic breakdowns among different age groups.

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Criss F

Anime is so vast with so many genres (and sub genres) that it’s pretty much got something for everyone. Unless you just hate animation, I would imagine most people could find at least one anime they would like. With sports, eeeh, while there are many sports, you have a certain desire to watch people compete at a certain physical thing.

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Brandy Sousa

I believe it. My little nieces and nephews who play sports care less about watching the NFL or even the sports they play. However they are all absolutely obsessed with my hero academia, demon slayers and Pokémon