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The Artist is Online

Key points:

  1. History of Digital Performance Art: The article traces the evolution of digital performance art, citing examples such as Auriea Harvey's "Webcam Movies" and Ann Hirsch's "Scandalishious," which played with the concept of online presence and blurred the boundaries between reality and performance.
  2. Pressure to Maintain Online Presence: It discusses the increasing pressure on artists to maintain a personal brand and produce content for social media platforms in order to stay relevant and engaged with their audience.
  3. NFTs and Digital Art Market: The rise of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is explored as a disruptive force in the digital art market, offering new opportunities but also posing challenges for artists in terms of self-promotion and navigating the online landscape.
  4. Balancing Creativity and Self-Promotion: The article raises questions about the balance between creative output and self-promotion, particularly in an environment where artists are expected to constantly produce content for online platforms.
  5. Reframing Posting as Artistic Expression: It proposes the idea of reframing posting online as a form of artistic expression in itself, suggesting that artists can use social media as a medium for experimentation and creative exploration.

Overall, the article delves into the complexities of being a digital artist in the age of social media and explores how artists navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the online landscape.

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