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Your Content is Obvious. It Shouldn't Be.


  • Identify a common problem
  • Develop a solution that challenges preconceived notions
  • Tie your solution back to a surprising outcome with additional benefits

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nirmeout profile image

This definitely has the elements of what makes a successful differentiator, and that can apply to pretty much anything you create (from business , to stories, to packaged goods, etc).

From what I’ve seen, the obvious content can get short term gains, but the strategy falls apart long term when you try to make brand out of yourself.

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Brandy Sousa

Have you noticed every popular streamer/YouTuber tends to have the same hot take?

If your content is the same as theirs but without the large audience, what’s to get anyone to look at your content? They will have probably heard a popular persons opinion on it, and have no real need to seek out anyone else’s content.

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Harper Liu

Sometimes it's nice to see the community come together to call out someone terrible like Mizzy (the terrible human who does edgy and illegal pranks for attention). Otherwise I largely agree, they all tend to follow suit on the latest drama but through their own voice.