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State of Video: Insights from over 90 million videos in one report.

Level up your video strategy with all-new insights, video marketing statistics, and industry benchmarks in this full 2024 State of Video report.

This article goes over all things video from: Marketing Insights, Performance Statistics, Creation Statistics, Distribution Statistics, Strategy Statistics, and the Future of Video.

Tons of interesting and helpful information for those within this space.

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In 2023, there was a dip in the average number of videos produced by businesses.

This actually blows my mind. I would of thought that businesses would have doubled down on videos produced considering how much of internet traffic is video consumption.

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The article mentions they believe this has to do with cutting creative team headcount, but that still doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s easier than ever to create video for your business, you just need to prioritize it.

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Amy Sawyama

educational or instructional videos accounted for 47% of the uploads, product-focused videos for 33%, webinar recordings for 8%, original series and podcasts for 7%, customer testimonials for 2%, promotional videos for 2%, and company culture videos for 1%.

What I've noticed is that most early stage companies come out with tutorial type content, once well-known they move into other effective content types like comedy, entertainment, stunts, etc.

Early on you are just trying to get people to understand what you do, later you are just trying to remind them you exist.