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Hollywood vs. the attention economy

MrBeast, in a recent X post, wrote that he’s spent the last year experimenting with the pace of his videos, making them decidedly less YouTube-y. “This past year I’ve slowed down our videos,” he wrote. “Focused on story telling, let scenes breathe, yelled less, more personality, longer videos, etc. And our views have skyrocketed!”

We can argue all day long about whether or not this is actually true. The fact remains, though, he is attempting to mature his style. “MrBeast, the consummate optimizer, knows he's getting too old to keep up.” - Adam Bumas (Garbage Day researcher)

Can MrBeast survive the Big Pivot? Can he go beyond traditional social mediums and be on the red carpet?

Or can a creator, a youtuber, arguably the biggest ever, just keep doing what he’s been doing and cross over regardless?

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Mr beast is great at keep attention with all his optimizations and video tricks, but when it comes down to it, he himself is just not that interesting as a personality. A lot of the things that keep people entertained are stunts that are interesting in nature. You could replace Mr. Beast and the video itself would objectively be equally as interesting. He neither detracts or adds value.

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I would disagree slightly. He has some appeal for being an average guy, and the audience can relate to that. He’s not some unattainable / hyper good looking / extremely smart personality, and that’s where his charm is. I think his down to earth nature is what makes him fun to watch in extreme situations.