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Instagram’s Testing A New Feature That’ll Drive Users Crazy

The photo-sharing app wants to start integrating ‘unskippable video ads’ on users' feeds, something not even Facebook implemented during its lowest of lows, despite both platforms being owned by Meta.

That would mean that as users scroll, every so often they’ll be forced to watch a paid advertisement for an unknown amount of time before they’ll be allowed to continue to scroll.

According to a number of reports, Instagram has started testing the feature which will encourage commercial investment, especially from small businesses, who will want to put their money towards targeted advertising.

Goodness gracious.

Discussion (3)

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Chris Jul-ul

Dang it Instagram, lol. It's hard enough to even use the app with the amount of things I see that I don't subscribe to. Says in the article about 50% of content gets shown to people who don't even follow it. Now this on top of it, sheesh.

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Ellie Hunter

Instagram once again scaring off their user base.

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Harper Liu

The amount of Ads on Meta are already becoming out of control, but now unskippable? At least do what other platforms do and make it skippable after a certain number of seconds.