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Make Millions on Discord: A new distribution channel has opened

The article discusses a lucrative opportunity on Discord called Discord Activities, where developers can create games and monetize them within the platform. With Discord's large user base and inherent virality, developers have the potential to earn substantial revenue. The concept draws parallels to the success of Farmville on Facebook and highlights the potential for developers to establish themselves in a relatively uncrowded market. However, there are some challenges, such as limitations on developer restrictions and monetization options. Despite these challenges, the article suggests that with proper execution, developers could generate significant revenue from Discord Activities.

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Aside from the click-baity title of the article, this is basically a new cool way to make and distribute a game.

Considering discord has swaths of people using the platform and they like to game together, this can be a lucrative way to sell games.

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Cherri • Edited on

Discord may have 180 million users, but it sure feels like many servers today are lacking conversations and activity. I think it has to do with real-time chat, which inherently doesn’t scale well in large form conversation.

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Even really large scale chat that is extremely active, like twitch chat when a popular streamer is live is nearly useless for actual conversation.