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Music streaming fraud frustrates Artists

Spotify's crackdown on fraud is affecting independent artists, who are finding their music removed due to artificial streams detected by the platform. Changes to Spotify's royalty model are placing the responsibility on distributors to prevent abuse, resulting in frustration among musicians unfairly targeted by bots. Some artists claim their music is added to user-curated playlists without their consent, further exacerbating the issue. As these crackdowns continue, more drama is expected to unfold in the music industry.

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Criss F

It's absolutely frustrating to think you could be penalized just because bots decided to stream your music. It's completely out of your control. Spotify needs to find a better way to distinguish genuine listens from artificial ones without unfairly targeting independent artists.

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Brandy Sousa

The bloated streams and followers in the music industry needs to end. Everyone knows it’s happening, even major artists have come out and spoken about it as being an Industry standard, and it’s ridiculous.