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Federal judge blocks Montana's TikTok ban before it takes effect


  • A federal judge has temporarily blocked Montana's law aiming to ban TikTok within the state, citing concerns that it "oversteps state power" and "likely violates the First Amendment."
  • The judge, Donald Molloy, expressed skepticism about the ban during an October hearing, highlighting that TikTok users willingly provide their personal data, and the ban had an "undertone of anti-Chinese sentiment."
  • The ruling is preliminary, and a final decision will be made after a trial expected next year, while the debate on TikTok's future in the U.S. continues amid national security concerns and geopolitical tensions with China.

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How in the world does Tiktok violate the first amendment? Due to moderation practices?

If that's the case, literally every online social platform and community would have the same scrutiny.