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Celebrities remake themselves in AI

Celebrities are embracing AI avatars and chatbots to manage their digital presence, with Meta, YouTube, and Soul Machines launching celebrity-driven chatbots and avatars. Silicon Valley sees AI-generated influencers as the future, though concerns arise about risks such as deepfake scams and misinformation. The entertainment industry may play a crucial role in developing protective measures for those unwilling to participate in this tech-driven shift.

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Brandy Sousa

Celebrities are acting out of FOMO. They hear the buzz around AI and how disruptive it will be and they want to make sure they don’t “miss the boat”.

We’ll see if this type of stuff actually takes off but as far as I am concerned just because celebrities are participating doesn’t mean their fans are necessarily fl going to be into it.

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Yep, can’t help but think celebrities are acting out of fear, hype, and/or hysteria. It’s the same cycle we saw with crypto/NFTs. They all jumped on board.

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Jeremy Beckler Author

Just saw this:

KISS debuts ‘immortal’ digital avatars and plans to go ‘fully virtual’


In their case, they feel like this will immortalize them as they aged out of being able to perform as much.