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Artists on mind-expanding ways to be much more creative


  • Try New Things: Challenge yourself by exploring activities outside your comfort zone.
  • Find Your Space: Establish a dedicated and inspiring environment for creativity.
  • Stay Active: Engage in movement to stimulate thinking and inspiration.
  • Observe the World: Cultivate creativity by keenly observing your surroundings.
  • Keep an Ideas Notebook: Document thoughts and ideas regularly, whether on paper or digitally.
  • Avoid Pressure: Don't force creativity; let ideas flow naturally without self-imposed constraints.
  • Draw Inspiration from Others: Engage with the artistic community and diverse influences.
  • Learn Art History: Understand the context of art through different periods and styles.
  • Consume Diverse Culture: Explore various forms of cultural content for a broader perspective.
  • Embrace Mistakes: View mistakes as opportunities for unique and interesting outcomes.
  • Love Your Own Company: Enjoy solitude as it often fosters creative thinking.
  • Identify Peak Creative Time: Recognize when you are most productive and creative during the day.
  • Daily Creative Act: Commit to a small creative activity every day to maintain a routine.
  • Talk to Strangers: Gain insights by conversing with people from different backgrounds.
  • Don't Force Creativity: Take breaks and allow creativity to flow naturally, even from moments of doing nothing.
  • Creative Living: Acknowledge that creativity is a universal aspect of the human experience.

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Harper Liu

Consume Diverse Culture: Explore various forms of cultural content for a broader perspective.

I think this one is really underrated! We get so wrapped up in our world, whats normal to us, and our local communities way of thinking, when in reality other cultures are literally HUMANS who think differently than us with a treasure trove of knowledge and information