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Not all traffic sources are created equal

Simon Owens discusses the importance of understanding the varying value of different traffic sources for media publishers. He illustrates this with examples from media companies like G/O Media and their struggles to balance content coverage with audience engagement. Owens breaks down major traffic sources such as search referrals, social media, dark social, homepage visitors, mobile app users, newsletter signups, podcast listeners, and viewers of different types of video content. He emphasizes the significance of audience engagement and brand affinity in driving revenue, cautioning against over-reliance on raw traffic numbers. Additionally, Owens features an interview with Brad Hargreaves, who successfully launched a paid newsletter focused on real estate, and calls for more media entrepreneurs in niche areas to feature in his newsletter and podcast.

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The best traffic type for a media publisher depends on their specific objectives and how their content connects back to wherever you want to drive traffic.

That being said, it's really hard to drive traffic away from social media, they have to really be curious about you to click on any external links.