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How Kyla Scanlon Grew Her Audience to Over 640k Followers in Just 3 Years

Kyla Scanlon, a former car salesperson turned finance content creator, grew her audience to over 640k followers across platforms in just three years. With a background in finance and economics, she distills complex topics into digestible content, leveraging short-form videos on TikTok and other platforms. Her monetization strategy includes a paid newsletter, a book deal, and a partnership with O’Shaughnessy Ventures. Scanlon's growth is attributed to her ability to make complex ideas relatable, her passion for finance, her use of short-form content, and her creation of a content ecosystem across various platforms. This approach has enabled her to engage with her audience effectively and drive traffic to her newsletter and other content channels.

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When asked about her TikTok creation strategy, she said “I write them as poems.”

And now I can’t unsee this. The beats and temper and the format of these short-form videos are written as poems.

I thought I was the only one who did this!
I think that’s why people started to develop a tiktok-like “voice”. I don’t think it was completely on purpose, likely a subconscious monkey see monkey do kind of thing.

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Criss F

Ah so it’s not just me that thinks all tiktokers are starting to sound the same.

One thing I also noticed is how incredibly fast some people talk on the platform. Most people associate fast talking == lack of confidence in a normal setting, but in the app I’m assuming folks are trying to get their point across as fast as possible because they fear they need to be interesting as soon as possible otherwise someone will swipe away.

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I liked the idea of testing out content subjects first in low effort areas first and seeing if they get any natural traction before making a full on video/blog/series about it. I find that I just dive right into the last step before really vetting if the idea is worthwhile.

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Jason Cruz

I always enjoy reading about stories like this, especially when they really get down to it. With how the social media game seems to be changing so much, it's nice to see what still works, or not, or what new things or ideas you can try.