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Go big, even when you're small


  • Marissa Hill challenges the notion that a large following is necessary for success in content creation.
  • Started ShadeTV with a smaller audience, proving that big sponsorships aren't just for large channels.
  • Signed her first long-term brand deal with just 3000 subscribers, showcasing the potential for success at any audience size.

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Jeremy Beckler

I think a ton of people just look at raw numbers and think that is the cause for ultimate success. Ie. “I need to have 1M follows before I make it”. The truth is that the numbers themselves mean nothing, more importantly, you need impact. If you have a REALLY devoted fan base, then you end up going really far with lower audience numbers.

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This is the main reason you hear stories of people who have large followings but don’t actually make it, or choose not to quit their jobs. The numbers are pure vanity.

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Criss F

I would say beyond vanity it’s also that the focus is different.

Successful people build a business.