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The WEIRD community model that actually works

The article discusses a novel approach to building successful branded communities, exemplified by Sticker Mule's new social network, Stimulus. Instead of traditional community models, Stimulus focuses on core values, rewards positive interactions, partners with other brands for content, and hosts the community on its own platform. The strategy aims to foster user engagement, generate valuable data, and promote organic brand advocacy.

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where brands can get attention by giving away gifts, and users win them by simply interacting on the platform.

While this works, the incentive for the end user is to get stuff, not generally foster a healthy community (by giving back, sharing, mentoring/getting-mentors, sharing insights, etc).

My worry is that overtime the community feels hollow, where users interact just because they want free stuff, and it turns into a parasitic relationship overall.

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I think brands are just struggling in general to get community to work. It's hard to make a community that is about A PRODUCT itself, so anything that gets engagement they tend to believe is successful.

I think a better way is to find the adjacent area where your brand lives. For example, GoPro makes cameras for on the go. A community that could succeed for them would be one around adventure, travel, or the like. It won't be easy, but at least it can foster genuine connection.

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Interesting, I wouldn’t imagine people joining a community that is blatantly about brands trying to interact with you (even if it’s free stuff). But I suppose free stuff is a good motivator..