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How to Start a YouTube Channel

Written by Tintin Smith, head of Ali Abdaal’s 5M subscriber YouTube channel.

Key Points:

  • The article is a comprehensive guide on starting a YouTube channel.
  • It covers setting up a YouTube channel, making it look professional, equipment needed, deciding on video content, and making the first YouTube video.
  • Steps include creating a Google account, setting up the channel, making a channel banner and description, deciding on equipment, defining niche and target audience, completing competitor analysis, generating video ideas, planning, filming, editing, and posting the first video.
  • Additional tips and resources are provided for further guidance.

Discussion (1)

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This is extremely practical advice for someone just starting out that’s taking things seriously.

Ali Abdaal is also notorious for being a no-BS self starter. I like how this guide starts by asking you to define your niche and target audience right away. Tons of people just throw things at the wall without a real goal in mind.