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What a TV show made for TikTok looks like

No paywall link: https://archive.li/zn9v7


  • A new satirical show called "Cobell Energy" from Yellow Dot Studios, directed by Adam McKay, is set to premiere on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The series consists of short, vertical episodes designed for mobile viewing and lacks traditional TV-style establishing shots to capture viewers' attention quickly.

  • The move reflects a growing trend of studios exploring social video platforms for content distribution, acknowledging the popularity of mobile viewing. The success of such shows is tied to the algorithms of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, presenting a departure from traditional cable or streaming series.

  • The trend of watching TV shows and movies on TikTok has gained traction, with even established studios like Paramount Pictures joining in by sharing content like "Mean Girls." While some content-sharing accounts may violate copyright laws, they contribute to introducing new audiences to shows that might not have been discovered through traditional means.

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Just discovered 'Cobell Energy' on TikTok. Interesting move having a series drop on the FYP. Vertical episodes, no fancy intros, just straight into the story. Feels like a throwback to the Vine days but longer.