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Influencers say quality brand deals have been replaced by ‘sketchy’ TikTok Shop spam

At a New York creator economy event, influencers expressed frustration over the decline of lucrative brand deals, now inundated with low-paying offers tied to TikTok's Shop feature. Prominent TikTok stars like Sarah Luciano and Melissa Becraft complain about spammy pitches for irrelevant products. TikTok's prioritization of Shop, despite lackluster user engagement, exacerbates the issue. Influencers hope for a return to better deals as they focus on creating viral content. This reflects challenges as the creator economy intersects with platforms like TikTok, posing obstacles for emerging creators.

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I get 10 emails a day [from brands] asking me to do stuff for TikTok Shop, and they’re all really, really sketchy and it’s not lucrative

The floodgates have opened. Influencer marketing is becoming popular given all the creator brands that have succeeding, so I imagine low quality offers are going to find their way to all the folks who have influence on any platform.

While that sounds bad, it just means the space is hotter than ever, so you need to expect low quality with scale. My hope is that the good deals continue as well.