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I’m a TikTok creator. A US ban on the app is an attack on ideas and hope

Dominic Andre, a TikTok creator, argues that a US ban on TikTok would severely impact millions of jobs and silence diverse voices. He claims that TikTok is a powerful tool for grassroots movements and educational content, challenging established elites and advocating for various social causes. The ban, justified by concerns over Chinese data collection, would undermine creators' livelihoods and hinder the global exchange of ideas and culture. Andre emphasizes that privacy concerns should be addressed across all social media platforms, not just TikTok. The ban, he concludes, would change the world for the worse by stifling hope and innovation.

Dominic Andre's main points are:

  1. Impact on Jobs and Economy: A ban on TikTok would destroy millions of jobs and negatively impact small businesses that rely on the platform for reach and growth.

  2. Diverse Voices and Grassroots Movements: TikTok amplifies voices advocating against capitalism, for Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, and other social causes. It is a vital platform for marginalized communities and grassroots movements.

  3. Educational and Cultural Exchange: The platform facilitates the spread of information, culture, and awareness, allowing creators to educate the public and challenge misinformation.

  4. Political and Generational Divide: The ban is partly motivated by political reasons, as TikTok appeals to younger generations whose views often differ from older politicians.

  5. Data Privacy Concerns: Concerns over Chinese data collection are cited as a reason for the ban, but Andre argues this is not a significant threat to users in the US. He suggests that privacy concerns should be addressed uniformly across all social media platforms.

  6. Unique Features: TikTok's unique features, such as video stitching, enable real-time correction of misinformation, which is crucial for spreading accurate information.

  7. Personal Impact: For Andre and other creators, TikTok is a platform for sharing personal and cultural stories, which would be lost if the app were banned.

  8. Freedom of Choice: Andre believes Americans should have the right to decide which technologies they use and how they share their data, rather than having these decisions made by the government.

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slipperyshrimp profile image

Some of these are true, but with all due respect, I think it’s easiest to compare Tiktok with alternatives, like IG reels. Is there any reason why any of this would not be possible on Instagram?

Genuinely asking, not trying to make a point. Because to me most of these can be duplicated on another platform.

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Brandy Sousa

It can be duplicated, but it’s a totally new graph with new rules. The people who have foundations on tiktok will essentially be starting from scratch, and audiences don’t move well.

The comparison is fair, both ways. If we want to state threats of Tiktok, those same concerns could be hoisted into any platform. The criticisms go both ways.