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TikTok’s top trending videos reveal a fractured culture

  • TikTok's top trending videos in the US include @dollievision’s makeup tutorial, @justinflom’s Iron Man light fixture creation, and @through.the.lleaves’ large cat, all surpassing 350 million views.
  • The top trending songs feature artists like Justine Skye, Twin Ver., and PARTYNEXTDOOR, with a focus on sped-up content.
  • Leading creators on TikTok in the US include Keith Lee (restaurant reviewer), Young Miko (singer), and Sofia Richie Grainge (model), who turned her wedding into a For You hit.

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TikTok's algorithm creates a hyper-personalized experience, making some of these top trends either instantly recognizable or completely obscure.

The shift towards niche content over metrics is tough for the traditional social media success platform advertisers. It's a double-edged sword - great for creators carving their own space, but perhaps a puzzle for brands accustomed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

The diversity in trends is actually a beautiful thing to see, and what the internet is all about imo.

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Culture seems like has always seemed to be homogeneous until these platforms started making personalization, which makes me thing that culture was never actually homogeneous, we just saw what was fed to use my mainstream media and assumed that spoke for a majority.

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Harper Liu

I always debate with myself if the emphasis on personalized algorithms (fyp, feed, etc) creates echo chambers or diverse digital landscapes

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It’s probably a little bit of both.
The person who is open minded will probably be more likely to explore and dive deeper into the fringes of the things that the algorithm suggest, while the closed minded person will likely continue to be served more of the same.