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Ideas and Creativity

Creativity is NOT something you either have or don’t. Everyone has the potential to be creative. The article highlights that creativity can be developed through various techniques such as:

  1. Shifting Perspectives: Changing the way you view problems and situations can drive creativity. This can involve adopting new viewpoints or considering different angles.

  2. Combining Existing Ideas: New ideas often emerge from the combination or extension of existing ones. Creativity can come from integrating disparate concepts in novel ways.

  3. Unconscious Processing: Taking breaks and allowing your subconscious to work on problems can lead to creative insights. Activities like walking, reading, or sleeping can help facilitate this process.

  4. Drawing on Diverse Sources: Reading widely and exposing yourself to various fields can spark creativity by allowing you to see connections between different concepts.

  5. Playful Exploration: Engaging in playful experimentation with new ideas and concepts can lead to creative breakthroughs. This involves exploring, tweaking, and playing around with ideas to see what emerges.

  6. "Yes, and..." Approach: Inspired by improvisational comedy, this technique involves accepting an initial idea and expanding on it positively, adding new elements and seeing where it leads.

By employing these strategies, individuals can enhance their creative abilities and generate more innovative ideas.

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I really like the 'Combining Existing Ideas' one. It's the most immediate way for me to get going. I would say that a lot of these are great ways to start the creative process and then you just start doubling down the process on the initial idea until it gets to a places that is extremely unique to you.