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Spending time alone is really, really important.

The importance of spending time alone, especially during childhood and adolescence, is emphasized by examining the habits of successful founders. Alone time provides space for exploration, creativity, and learning. Reading widely, engaging in imaginative play, experimenting, and focusing on creating rather than consuming are highlighted as key activities during alone time.

However, contemporary trends, such as increased parental involvement and the prevalence of social networks, have diminished opportunities for solitude. Despite societal shifts, the value of alone time remains significant for personal growth and development. Therefore, fostering more opportunities for solitude could be beneficial for individuals of all ages, even in the context of today's social pressures.

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I've been realizing lately how much being alone really helps my creativity. It's like my brain gets this extra time to wander and explore without any distractions.

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For me it's the judgement free environment of being alone that helps with creativity.

No matter how much someone else is open and caring about me, there seems to be a mental block when they are around. I can't completely let loose.