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AI art is the new stock image


  • AI Art Replacing Stock Images: AI-generated images have become a quick and popular replacement for stock images due to their ease of creation.

  • Issues with AI Images: AI images often lack realness, originality, and depth. They tend to be recognizable, look similar, lack emotion, and raise ethical concerns such as cultural bias and copyright.

  • Future of AI Art: While some argue that AI will soon become indistinguishable from human-created art, the importance of thoughtful image selection remains crucial for effective communication.

Discussion (3)

crissfuture profile image
Criss F

I haven’t felt the need to generate any AI art, it never really gave me exactly what I wanted so it always felt kind of useless. Maybe fine tune me controls could make this better, but that seems like a challenge to design a UX for.

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Brandy Sousa

The rise of AI art made it inevitable that it would replace stock images. While it brings efficiency, things lose meaning when it’s ubiquitous, that’s human nature.

cherri profile image

Yea agree, it felt really impressive the first time when I got generated AI images, but the more I see them in the wild haphazardly attached to low effort posts and marketing material, the more it just seems like something to once again ignore.