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Palworld embroiled in AI and Pokémon ‘plagiarism’ controversy


  • Palworld, a new survival game by Japanese studio Pocketpair, is facing accusations of plagiarizing designs from Pokémon.
  • Social media users have pointed out similarities in character designs and raised concerns about the developer's history with generative AI tools.
  • The game's director, Takuro Mizobe, responded to the allegations, acknowledging some influence from Pokémon but urging an end to online abuse directed at the game's artists.

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Regardless of what you think, the threats and online abuse is totally unwarranted.

But yes this is totally AI generated Pokémon, the evidence seems clear. And even if a person made it, it would be suspect behavior to have those assets at all. I think the game is well done and fun, but did it have to come so close to being Pokémon? I mean even the blatant rip of pokeball capturing. The amount of time that went into this game, I feel, could of had some of its energy directed at making more creative assets and maybe a different mechanic that made it unique, and not quickly associated with Pokémon.

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Maven • Edited on

Having it be “Pokémon with guns” seemed like it made it a marketing success. I’m unsure if it would be as successful as it was without being so closely associated with an IP that people already love.

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To say it’s not at the very least inspired by pokemon would be a complete lie. This game is so gray area from an intellectual property standpoint that it’s really an extreme exercise in “at what point is it stealing?”