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Meet Dot, an AI companion here to help you live your best life


Dot is, at its most simple, an app you chat with on iOS. You can send it words, voice memos, pictures, PDFs, and it’s thrilled to search the web for you, too. Communicating through written text (Dot’s voice is coming next year), it’s designed to be an always-on companion there to help you think through your life, make unseen connections, and better yourself. But unlike most AI conversations, Dot doesn’t forget what you said with every new session.

The full article is an interesting read, but it's basically like your own personal assistant that's always there for you. Not sure how I feel about this one.

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Not a bad use of AI. The truth is that AI should run locally on your phone without the need to connect to servers to collect your data.

You can do this for the most part today on your own, but it takes a bit of technical knowledge. I hope one day it will be open source and simple for everyone to have their own that’s controlled by no centrally located company.

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Chris Jul-ul

I would definitely be interested in using something like this. Might make tasks a bit more seamless or just an overall quality of life upgrade.