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Digital Creator Serena Kerrigan to Launch “The Future of TV”

SFKTV, a members-only platform for her own exclusive, longform content, on Oct. 1.

The platform, SFKTV.com, will debut weekly episodes on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. Members can pay $6.90 per month or $69 per year for access.

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You have to admire the hustle and the ability to remove gatekeepers here. So much of the entertainment industry relies on people getting "put on" or someones work getting "green lit".

I like that Serena Kerrigan is just blazing her own trail.

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Jeremy Beckler

It is really cool, agree, but I wish that they made a way for other creators to participate.

Today there are so few options for long form content, though it’s getting better, but adding more to the market would of been a nice way to let everyone embrace her pioneering efforts.