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Are we entering the age of influencer fatigue?

In an article in prnewsonline.com, Sinead Norenius-Raniere, VP of Product and Creator Marketing Strategy at Cision acknowledges that “influencer marketing has become a staple of many brands’ marketing strategies, as PR and communications teams critically evaluate how to harness the power of influencers.”

But all that may change with what they call “influencer fatigue,” which Raniere identifies as “the trend and notion of consumers tiring of the constant stream of paid or sponsored content, which has led to a decline in trust and engagement—and an all new challenge for PR professionals.”

What they talk about in this article is very interesting, one of the things that stood out to me was this quote --

"it is said that the human attention span has decreased to 8 seconds from 15 seconds. Here, “you must create material that is engaging, concise, and to the point. Remember that people would want to focus on brief, focused communications rather than long dull ones.”

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