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How much money do influencers make? 10 creators give us the real numbers.

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These influencers are part of the Creator Economy, an industry now valued at $250 billion. Some make over $100,000 a year posting photos and videos of themselves to social media.

Not every creator gets rich — or even makes a living wage. In a recent survey, only 12 percent of full-time creators said they made more than $50,000 a year. Some get free products and services as “microinfluencers.” But earning enough to leave a full-time job often means gambling on the fickle nature of online relevance.

These 10 creators, with followings large, small and in-between, opened their wallets to share the economics of running a creative business in the wilds of the internet.

Breakdown of what they make, how many followers across each platform, what they do, and what they say about it in the article above.

A very interesting read with very different monthly earnings. It's possible, but like everything else it takes work. Nice to see these numbers and the creators being open about it.

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