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Shifting The Attention Economy

What is the attention economy?

The attention economy refers to the competition for people’s limited attention in an information-saturated world. In this economy, brands and content creators seek to capture and hold the attention of individuals.

How can brands promote mindful engagement?

Brands can promote mindful engagement creating experiences that allow moments of calm and focus. This can include partnerships with creators known for relaxing content, exploring new attention formats, and experimenting with alternative narrative styles.

Why is the attention economy shifting?

The attention economy is shifting due to saturation with “sludge content,” which refers to overwhelming and overstimulating content. Forward-thinking users, creators, and brands are exploring new ways to capture attention, shifting towards more immersive and mindful experiences.

A pretty good read and take on what's becoming a focus for brands in the creator economy, and something us creators should understand as well.

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