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Millions work as content creators. In official records, they barely exist.

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Yet 25 years after this industry first emerged, the U.S. government still has no laws regulating how creators earn a living or flex their power. Without real oversight, the creator economy has ensnared the nation’s attention without a broad understanding of its effects on American society.

The rise of creators has allowed anyone to gain an audience, elevating the otherwise voiceless and fueling a new style of inventive expression. But it also has let bad actors push out lies and misinformation, contributed to a fragmentation of public discourse into thousands of niches and microtrends, eroded traditional knowledge centers and allowed popular strangers and recommendation algorithms to rule the platforms where most people try to make sense of the world.

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Amy Sawyama

The creator economy is so large and diverse it’s hard to even define. I really like Jim Louderbacks’ way of describing it:

But the irony here is that the creator economy is so amorphous that it’s hard to pin down.

Yes, it’s Youtubers and TikTokers scratching out a living on AdSense and brand deals.

But it’s also LinkedIn creators building their personal brand and translating awareness and trust into consulting and advising – or better full-time jobs. B2B media reborn!

🔻It’s video game players that share their streams – in many ways the sports stars of our time.

🔻It’s utility creators who teach you how to unblock your toilet or paint your house – or Home Depot’s DIY workshops but in the comfort of your own phone.

🔻It’s famous kids playing with toys – or this era’s Spongebob or Captain Kangaroo.

🔻It’s storytellers that create elaborate narratives that keep millions engaged for 22 minutes (or more).

🔻It’s slice-of-life creators, documenting the real world.

🔻It’s celebrities chowing down Hellfire Hot Sauce while baring their soul –the modern version of “The Tonight Show”.

🔻It’s unboxers, revealing and reveling in the lastest from Apple, Samsung and Sony – today’s PC Magazine.

In short, it’s media. Pure and Simple.

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And this list barely scratches the surface, I can imagine so many more personas that could be considered part of the creator of economy, at a certain point it almost feels like it will be the majority of media and entertainment, it’s only a matter of time.

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Jason Cruz

This was a great read. I believe its just getting started, and I'm curious for whats to come.