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Instagram Tests New ‘Nearby’ Feed for Stories

Instagram’s currently experimenting with a new “Nearby” feed for Stories, which would highlight public content from users and businesses in your vicinity.

They say in this article it's taking cues from Tiktok, but I swear Snapchat had this years ago lol.

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messo profile image

I wonder if this will gain any momentum. I don’t usually care about the people “around” me.

The only time I’ve seen something like that work well has been on college campus, where a community of people are localized. Maybe this will hit it off with that crowd.

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Hannah Ruth

This could help the marketing of local businesses and events maybe? I can imagine someone bored at home checking out what's close by to visit.

cherri profile image

Totally. I would actually use this. I’m always curious what’s going on around me, and I feel like half the time I’m unaware of whats happening in my own town/neighborhood.

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Marvin Cook

I can see this being pretty cool. Especially for smaller businesses to get their word out there, or maybe even an up and coming restaurant? Would be interesting to see how its utilized.