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VRChat Begins Open Beta For Paid Creator Subscriptions

Available for all users, VRChat is allowing creators to link content subscriptions directly through Udon. Using VRChat Credits purchased with real-life money, subscriptions can be bought for one month, three months or a year, granting direct access to subscriber-only content. That includes 'VIP rooms,' special items or priority/exclusive access to events.

Regarding revenue split, the developer revealed that 50% will go towards creators. 30% will cover the charge imposed by individual platforms, such as Meta and Steam, which leaves the remaining 20% for VRChat and its partners. (key thing to note is that these numbers are 'approximates').

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Going to be very interesting to see how VR & the creator economy develop.

My guess is that, assuming VR becomes more main stream, we are going to see creators make worlds that their fans can hang out in. Some free, some paid (like what this article debuted). It all really depends on how this market shakes out, starting with the price of VR headsets.

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Second life does a good job of this kind of thing, which makes me think that the more popular VR becomes the more inevitable that we start taking digital worlds more seriously like gamers have been doing for the past few decades.

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For those who don’t know what VRChat is:

VRChat is a virtual reality social platform where users can create, share, and explore virtual worlds. It allows people to interact with each other using customizable avatars, and it gained popularity for its user-generated content and diverse community.