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TikTok creators are increasingly tapping into food-centric content — and brands are following

  1. TikTok's Impact on Food Content: TikTok creators, including celebrities like Selena Gomez and Brooklyn Beckham, are increasingly shifting to food-related content, leading to significant viewership and brand partnerships.

  2. Rise in Food Influencers: Agencies report a 30% increase in client demand for food content creators. Food's universal appeal makes it an attractive avenue for influencers seeking to diversify and connect with a broader audience.

  3. Monetization Challenges and Opportunities: With TikTok retracting its creator program, influencers are exploring alternative streams of revenue. Food content creators, such as Paige MacDonald, leverage their popularity to collaborate with brands, highlighting the evolving landscape of influencer monetization.

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Making food related content seems like one of those really fun lateral moves to make as a creator; I personally would find it really fun.

It also seems like low hanging fruit. Think about it, food content is basically reaction content, which is basically unlimited.

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Criss F • Edited on

Yeah, and can document the history of the restaurant/place/chef/experience along side it, so it can have a natural storytelling element in it

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Harper Liu

How much of this is because food products like Prime and Feastables are showing the power of having creators with an audience in your corner can be? If you want to stay competitive in the market you gotta have some type of influence outside of traditional advertising. Partnering with creators is a great way to build awareness and trust.