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How Austin Belcak Built an Audience of 1.3 Million With a Data-Driven Approach


  • Austin Belcak has built an audience of 1.3 million on LinkedIn and leveraged it into 150k newsletter subscribers, following a data-driven approach.
  • His revenue streams include career coaching, LinkedIn coaching, digital courses, and premium tools like a resume builder with upgrade options.
  • Key strategies for his success involve creating valuable, unique content, garnering 60k website visitors from a single piece, building meaningful relationships, experimenting with data, starting small, and focusing on LinkedIn content with templates and leveraging relationships.

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The idea of breaking down lengthy blog posts into actionable LinkedIn tips is great. And if you make video, the same can apply. Even if you make shorts. Honestly if you think hard enough you can genuinely take any content and transform it into the proper medium for the platform that works.