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How Jade Bonacolta Grew to over 370k Followers in 12 Months with a Full-Time Job

Summary of key tactics:

  • Follow a Proven Playbook (The Creator Method): Jade Bonacolta followed a course called The Creator Method, created by Ben Meer, which provided a systematic approach to building an audience. The course focused on idea hunting, quality content creation, and strategic content planning.

  • 90-Day Sprint on LinkedIn: Jade initially focused solely on building her audience on LinkedIn for the first three months, without a newsletter or Instagram presence. This focused approach helped her build a solid foundation, establish a writing habit, understand her audience, and make the algorithms happy.

  • Content Repurposing Across Platforms: Jade emphasized the importance of repurposing content, leveraging her success on LinkedIn to kickstart her Instagram account. She reused high-performing content, ensuring that new followers hadn't seen it before and maximizing its impact.

  • Optimizing for Reposts and Virality: Jade strategically optimized her content for reposts, aiming to inspire, educate, or entertain her audience. She focused on making her content shareable, emphasizing the importance of stopping the scroll, making followers look cool, and surprising them with unexpected ideas.

  • Owning a Unique Phrase (Quiet Rich): Jade coined and owned the phrase "Quiet Rich," building a unique concept around it. This phrase became a central theme in her content, allowing her to create a distinctive identity and community. She reinforced this concept through a manifesto in her welcome email, engaging new subscribers and solidifying the idea.

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