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Transform 'boring' content into viral hits (in 30 minutes)

TL;DR summary of the ways

🎈 Humor:People are driven by things that amuse them. The key is not just to be funny, but to connect with the audience on a level that creates the feeling of β€œthey get me.” What to do? Find a common insight that everyone secretly agrees on β†’ then make it public.
🎁 Surprise: People respond well to positive and unexpected things. A good surprise is a mix of expected + unexpected. Balance is key. What to do? Take a usual expected thing β†’ then change one element only (don't overcomplicate your twist!)
🧩 Participation: People value things more significantly when they help create them. Involving them in the creation or evolution of a feature/event/campaign can boost engagement. What to do? Encourage user-generated content or interactive elements where the audience contributes to the campaign.
🫡🏻 Status: We have a natural tendency to seek ways to improve how others perceive us. Content that enhances the audience's status or identity can be 10x more effective compared to content that’s not. What to do? Create campaigns that make the audience feel more knowledgeable, ahead of the curve, or part of an elite group.
🌊 Existing Resources: Leveraging existing resources like employees, users, data, and product features is key to going viral. It’s the only way to get the snowball rolling fast. What to do? Utilize all of your in-house networks and platforms (that are already available in the company) to maximize impact.

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