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The “Niche” Newsletter That’s Grown to Almost 700k Subscribers


  • The GIST, a female-friendly sports newsletter, has grown to nearly 700k subscribers and has generated at least $2 million in sponsorship revenue. They also have a job board that contributes around $5-7k per month.
  • They use several growth strategies, including giveaways and co-registrations, paid social ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, cross promotions with other newsletters, and running ads in other newsletters to acquire subscribers.
  • The GIST focuses on maintaining a high-quality subscriber base, removing those who don't engage with their emails and emphasizing relevance in their collaborations and partnerships to ensure a more meaningful impact.

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The GIST journey is super motivating! Their tricks like giveaways and cross-promotions are great ideas. Plus, it's nice to know they kicked things off with a launch party – it's a real reminder that even the big shots started small. I've always stressed keeping a quality audience even if that means cutting out people who don’t engage, and this article backs that up. This is gold!