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My Viral Secrets - Caitlin Duffy

I encourage reading the post, but here are some summarized notes:

Consistent Posting Strategy:

  • Post at least once a day on social media platforms.
  • Tailor posting frequency to the specific platform; 2-3 times a day for TikTok, Twitter (now X), and Reddit, 1/day for Facebook and Instagram, and less frequent for Linkedin.

Content Variety and Optimization:

  • Begin with a diverse range of topics, content types, and approaches.
  • Analyze engagement rates to identify successful content and focus on creating more of it.
  • Expect and learn from failures; embrace experimentation and testing to discover what resonates with the audience.

Strategic Call to Action (CTA) in Every Post:

  • Include a clear but unobtrusive call to action in every post, even those considered "throwaways."
  • Encourage further exploration of your feed and profiles to keep the audience engaged.

Embrace Paid Promotion:

  • Consider using a modest budget for paid promotion, as even a small investment, like $10, can enhance the chances of reaching new users.
  • Ensure the campaign and audience are well-optimized to maximize the impact of the paid promotion.

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Don’t be afraid to have more duds than successes

I feel like a lot of people try 10 or so posts/videos/pieces and give up after not seeing success. They think that because each time they dropped it, they suck or it flopped. From what I have seen, it takes a MASSIVE amount of trying different things to reach a certain level of consistent viewership, and typically that amounts after momentum of several attempts of even really good content.