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YouTube rolls out Shorts ads

  • YouTube is expanding the rollout of Shorts ads, moving from beta to general availability, with marketers now able to choose Short ads as a video format and integrate them with in-stream and in-feed ads.
  • This move is seen as a response to changing consumer demands, similar to trends on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, allowing marketers to embrace a new approach to YouTube Ads.
  • While the Shorts ad format is gaining popularity, it's not yet available on all accounts, but Google plans to make it accessible to all advertisers in the coming months, with further expansion to additional video campaign formats expected.

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kenshin99 profile image

The video format of the ad is going to be key here.

With such little real estate, your ad needs to make a statement bold enough/ interesting enough that it gets people out of the “doom scroll” that comes with short form video.

cherri profile image

I’d be interested to see if this can work embedded within the video itself. In a way the embedded ad could be good for a video that talks or mentions to product/service, but extremely distracting and bad for the creator if it has nothing to do with it.