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Introducing ViewStats: A data platform for YouTube creators cofounded by MrBeast


  • ViewStats Launch and Features:

    • ViewStats is a YouTube analytics platform co-founded by MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) and Chucky Appleby.
    • The platform offers MrBeast-style analysis, including basic metrics like views and subscribers, as well as advanced features such as estimated revenue and A/B testing for thumbnails.
    • Designed for clarity and ease of use, ViewStats aims to help creators enhance and optimize their content.
  • Background and Collaboration:

    • Chucky Appleby, co-founder and CEO of ViewStats, collaborated with MrBeast at the MrBeast HQ in North Carolina for a decade, analyzing videos and improving content through statistical analysis.
    • The platform is an independent entity from MrBeast, LLC, with direct funding from its co-founders.
  • Future Developments and Accessibility:

    • ViewStats is subscription-free and ad-free, prioritizing accessibility, but may introduce a paid subscription tier in the future.
    • Appleby plans to introduce tools for ideation and thumbnail design, inspired by internal tools used by the MrBeast team, over the next few months.

Discussion (2)

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Amy Sawyama

While I appreciate the insights ViewStats offers, I’m a little concerned about content becoming too homogenous. If everyone starts adopting mrbeasts best practices, will we lose the diversity that makes youtube unique. I just hope that people strike a balance between optimization and preserving creative individuality.

slipperyshrimp profile image

True, beastification on youtube is real. I feel like everyone has copied his tactics, content, and style and it seems hollow.

I respect creators who are carving out their own lanes and doing creative things outside of the usual beast-style type videos insert open mouth thumbnail here