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Coming to terms with something not being the best it can possibly be

The author discusses their struggles with perfectionism in their creative projects, particularly in writing a training course and a book. They reflect on the anxiety of constantly improving their work and the fear of it not being good enough. Through a conversation with a fellow speaker, they learn to accept that their work may not be perfect, but it can still impact others positively. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging appreciation rather than dwelling on perceived shortcomings.

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I feel like most of the things I make aren’t good enough to release. It’s really hard to tune out those feelings, but I think over time I come to remember that it’s a process. Getting a little better each time is the only thing I try to focus on, everything else is just noise

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Good enough for what?

For your friends and family?

For colleagues?

For other strangers online?

For yourself?

When you can answer that question honestly, you can start the healing.