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Let's talk about Drake

The piece discusses the ongoing rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, highlighting Lamar's strategic advantage in both lyrical content and online engagement. It outlines the progression of diss tracks exchanged between the two artists, with Lamar currently appearing to have the upper hand. The use of AI in music production, particularly in Metro Boomin's recent release, is also mentioned. The article critiques Drake's response strategy, primarily via Instagram, contrasting it with Lamar's more effective online presence. Additionally, it reflects on the broader implications of their feud within the context of internet culture and the changing landscape of social media platforms. The narrative concludes with a reflection on the potential collapse of certain cultural pillars, drawing parallels to broader societal shifts.

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Honestly the rap beef in general is less exciting than the ACTUAL fan drama and discourse.

Without the communities reacting, commenting, hypothesizing, etc this whole thing would just be a brutal exchange of words between artists.

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The whole concept of winning and losing is pretty funny. This is mostly a popularity contest, not a quantitative proof of skills (which would be impossible to judge accurately because its art).

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The real winners: the creators that took advantage of the cultural phenomena happening and being able to use this drama as quality content (fantano, RDCWorld, Akademiks, Moist, etc)