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How much Hank Green makes from Shorts, Reels, and TikTok [video]

The video is long so here is a summary:

YouTube Shorts (Hank's Channel):

  • Views: Around 40 million.
  • Earnings: Approximately $45,000.
  • CPM: 10 cents.

TikTok (General):

  • Views: About 37 million.
  • Earnings: Potentially over $20,000 (based on theoretical calculations).
  • CPM: Ranges from 50 to 60 cents.

TikTok Creativity Program Beta (for videos over a minute):

  • Earnings: Initially 80 to 90 cents per thousand views.
  • Current Earnings: Dropped to 50 to 60 cents per thousand views.

Instagram Reels:

  • Earnings: Approximately $1,000 per month.
  • CPM: Unknown due to lack of visibility into views.

TikTok Shop (selling cancer socks):

  • Earnings: $20 per sale, with TikTok covering $20 in discounts for the purchaser. Revenue Sharing: TikTok takes a 5% cut.

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TikToks money game is getting serious, especially with the Creativity Program Beta and TikTok Shop. But ethics and content quality are real concerns. Ive seen creators stretch content to a minute (reducing overall quality because the content should just be shorter) and I see creators selling white-labeled none-sense/drop-shipping.