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Spotify recently announced that it paid out over $4.5 billion in 2023 to just indie artists alone

Spotify's annual music economics report, outlined on Loud & Clear, emphasizes the platform's commitment to transparency in the music industry. The report highlights a shift towards a more diverse industry, with increased opportunities for artists at all levels. Key takeaways include record payouts to rights holders, significant revenue growth for independent artists, and the emergence of unexpected successes due to diverse fan preferences. The report underscores Spotify's role in fostering artist career growth and sustaining livelihoods.

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Jeremy Beckler

I wonder what the definition of indie is here.

There are tons of indie artists that are HUGE names, as many talented artist are opting for owning their masters.

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Yeah, when you put that in perspective, $4.5B is actually quite small in an industry as large as music streaming either way.

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Ellie Hunter

I wonder as well, I feel like I go by artists I've never seen before and see they have multiple thousands of monthly listeners, and are considered Indie.