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“I spoke to a IG rep on the phone..” here’s what they said to do to be favorable in the algorithm

A Meta representative shared insights for Instagram creators with Jack Appleby (summarized/paraphrased):

  1. Consistent Posting:
    Aim for 3-5 posts or Reels per week to maintain algorithm visibility. Posting less may reduce content visibility, while posting too much without consistent performance may warrant scaling back.

  2. Hashtags: Optimal range is 3-8 relevant hashtags in post captions. Avoid random or viral hashtags, as they can negatively impact visibility. Using more than 8 hashtags can limit content distribution.

  3. Trending Audio: Utilize trending audio to boost algorithm prioritization, but ensure compliance with usage laws, especially for paid or promotional posts.

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Chris Jul-ul

I’m not surprised but at the same time it’s just like damn. 3-5 videos a week is actually insane. At that point, are the videos quality if you’re just pumping them out like that. You’d have to find some sort of niche that people like and just do that over and over again, easier said than done these days.

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Jeremy Beckler

3-5 posts per week that are engaging? You would literally have to be famous/big audience otherwise this seems like an uphill battle.

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As if it’s not enough to GIVE content out for free that you worked hard on (and for them to mine your data), you must continue to improve their MAU by being constantly creating on the app.