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How Ben Meer Grew His Audience to 1.5 Million With a Full-Time Job

  • Ben Meer started the newsletter "System Sunday" in March 2022 and has grown his audience to 1.5 million across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Despite having a full-time job until March 2023, Ben achieved significant growth, with over 230k subscribers to his newsletter.
  • Ben monetizes his platform through digital courses, coaching sessions, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing, estimating a revenue range of $175k to $225k.

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The breakdown of Ben’s content creation system is fascinating, especially creating content that builds social currency. The idea of making your audience look good when they share content is a clever approach to achieving virality.

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His growth timeline is indeed impressive, but it’s refreshing to see the acknowledgment that planning and strategy might have held him back at times. finding the right balance between planning and taking action is crucial in the dynamic world of content creation

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Tobias Val

Its incredible what can be done within a year with proper preparation and execution.