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Instagram Updates Hashtag Search To Broaden Discovery

  • Instagram has updated its hashtag functionality so that tapping on a hashtag now leads users to broader search results rather than just "Top Posts."
  • This change aims to enhance profile discovery by providing access to additional elements like accounts, audio, places, and Reels.
  • Users can now explore various content elements within a hashtag search, potentially improving discovery within the app and making it easier to find relevant content.

Discussion (2)

maven64 profile image

A step in the right direction for IG.
The platform is notorious for being impossible to grow new accounts (without being a well-known prior).

The ability for users to follow "topics" is a great as well, levels the playing field and allows new comers a chance to enter the conversation.

nirmeout profile image

The hashtag search feels better overall. I’ve been able to find more niche subjects which normally would of been drowned out by top posts. Nice update.