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How much should you pay your editor?


  • Influential Factors: Mario Joos outlines seven factors that affect an editor's pay, including remote vs. on-site work, revision expectations, turn-around time, experience and demand, exclusivity, skill and knowledge, and the editor's role within the team.
  • Payment Structures: Joos suggests five payment structures for long-term editor-creator relationships: project-based pay, monthly salary, performance bonuses or commissions, intangible benefits, and a combination of these options.
  • Price Ranges: The post provides a breakdown of price ranges for short-form and long-form edits, ranging from $30 to $1,000+ per edit, with variations based on factors like editing complexity, duration, and additional requirements. However, it emphasizes that these figures are not definitive and can vary widely based on industry standards and individual negotiations.

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Criss F

This seems extremely fair. There are a ton of factors and considerations that the author outlines. To be fair, like any field, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a 30$ edit to be extremely well done. And similarly don’t expect an expensive edit to meet your needs and be right for your content.

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I’ve paid an editor $500 for a 1 hour long video, and tbh it was worth every penny. Not only did they produce it quickly, but they elevated the content beyond what I even thought was possible.

Some good editors are almost half directors and can put their own artistic spin on a video. And that should be compensated accordingly.