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The video essay boom

  • In the TikTok era, hour-long YouTube videos, particularly video essays, are thriving despite the trend toward short-form content, indicating a sustained interest in nuanced and analytical online content.
  • Video essays, a genre that has been popular on YouTube for over a decade, cover diverse topics, serving as informative and analytical resources on subjects ranging from pop culture and video games to social media trends and political commentary.
  • The popularity of video essays challenges the assumption that the rise of short-form content on platforms like TikTok signifies a decline in audience attention spans, suggesting that viewers remain engaged with longer, more in-depth content that provides meaningful insights and analysis.

Discussion (2)

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Amy Sawyama

I absolutely love how video essays are thriving! It's refreshing to see that, despite the trend toward shorter content, there's still a strong demand for in-depth, nuanced, and analytical discussions on various topics. I tend to watch those the most.

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Pretty cool to see how videos are getting shorter on platforms AND hour-long video essays are still holding their ground. I thought this was nuts considering attention span averages are lower than ever.

Wonder how this mix of short and long content will play out in the long run.